Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ba Duan Jin Wintertime

Note to Self:
Wear gloves in Central Park during qigong!

Okay, so hood and baclava on. Now let's see....
Oops, hands getting cold. Ohhh...gloves are not optional in 36 degree weather!
Why's that I ask...? Well, let's see, how about something your average (no such thing) 4 year old knows, "It get's too cold and you don't want to finish ba duan jin, regardless of it's 2000 year lineage. You're just hoping to avoid the pertussis that's floating around. Maybe I can get some qi going from breakfast and tea!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Qi Gardener Debut

December 1st seems an auspicious day. Wait a moment, my ba duan jin,... where can I do it in pouring rain and 30mph wind?! Hmmm.... must be one of those days they talked about hibernating. Naah! We've got incandescent lighting and Goretex. Okay, so here goes....

Anyway, wanted to offer some thoughts for this near-year-end.

It's pretty fall-like out there so keep the hoods or hats on and think about the root vegetable soups. Skip the dairy and keep the passages clear.

Check this out...